Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mehrauli in the mind....

On 21st November ~ Sunday, we had an amazing day dedicated to History. The Kutumb Foundation organised a History Walk at the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. There were 7 young people from Kutumb and 3 volunteers who came along.

Chhavi Sharma, was our resource person for the day. Chhavi work's with the Delhi Heritage Walks, is a student of M. A. in History at J.N.U. and volunteered to be our resource person for the day. Being a photographer herself, she even helped us document the walk by clicking some wonderful photographs of the excursion!

As she took us around and told us the history of the ruins, the children took down notes. Chhavi explained the details and particulars of each place we visited and the young minds were amazed and enthralled by the beauty of the ruins and the stories behind them! The excitement amongst the children was so high, that even after the 2 hour long walk, they were more eager to continue the walk and go to the nearby Qutub Minar instead of going home!

Needless to say, that we at The Kutumb Foundation thoroughly enjoyed the History Walk at Mehrauli. We are looking forward to more such walks with children and young people from the Kutumb Foundation, our amazing resource person - Chhavi and anyone who is interested to join us!

Wonderful Winters!

It has been quite some time since we interacted through our blog. However, many exciting activities and interesting programmes are constantly taking place at The Kutumb Foundation! Children attached to the programmes, Indradhanush and Goal of Life, both at Khan Market and at Nizamuddin (and even some of the children from Ghevra), are constantly being encouraged to participate in various exciting activities such as the recent exhibition Football match organised by the Jaguar Football Club on 14th November 2010. Much more is happening this winter's and there is not even one dull moment at Kutumb!

This fall-winter's, Exponential Education's too successfully ran a very interesting 10 week programme, whereby 4 senior students of the Kutumb Foundation, namely, Priya, Hero, Ramesh and Hanish, were given the responsibility to teach 4 students from classes 7 and 8, each. Through the programme we reached out to 16 students and gave them special training for Mathematics, English and Hindi. The best teacher out of the 4 of them would eventually receive a scholarship to help him/her pursue higher education in India. Recently the first phase of the programme was concluded and the certificates were given out on 22nd November for best performing teacher and best performing students (in each subject). The best teacher award along with the scholarship went to Ramesh!

On 14th November, which also happens to be the Children's Day, we had organised a trip to the Zoo for almost 60 children from Khan Market and Nizamuddin. 10 volunteers accompanied us and what an amazing day at the Zoo it was!!! After touring the whole zoo for at least two hours we were all tired and hungry and so we headed towards the canteen and ate lunch. We had a lot of fun in the Zoo that day! We thank all the Volunteers who came, especially, the Exponential Education Group (the independent, developmental group from USA working with the Kutumb Foundation on the education programme). Without help and support from the Exponential Education Group, the trip to the Zoo would have been very difficult to organise!

On 2oth November the ING Vysya bank sponsored a trip for almost 65 children from The Kutumb Foundation to the Nehru Planetarium! We went in a bus and enjoyed the amazing show at the planetarium. A lot of it was rather difficult to comprehend by the young children but nonetheless it was fun! At the end, we were given refreshments and we came back home feeling happy and little more knowledgeable about the stars and mysteries of the sky at night!

This is not all, it is just the beginning. The whole of winter lay ahead of us and we will keep organising many more fun yet educational excursions in the city and just like you have joined our blog, you are also welcome to join us in the excursions and trips organised by the Kutumb Foundation!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


We have just got our own blog started!!!

This will be our platform to exchange ideas on the initiatives undertaken by the Kutumb Foundation.

However, all of you are welcome to contribute with your ideas and thoughts on anything and everything that affect you and move you.

So now lets begin blogging for Kutumb!!!