Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mehrauli in the mind....

On 21st November ~ Sunday, we had an amazing day dedicated to History. The Kutumb Foundation organised a History Walk at the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. There were 7 young people from Kutumb and 3 volunteers who came along.

Chhavi Sharma, was our resource person for the day. Chhavi work's with the Delhi Heritage Walks, is a student of M. A. in History at J.N.U. and volunteered to be our resource person for the day. Being a photographer herself, she even helped us document the walk by clicking some wonderful photographs of the excursion!

As she took us around and told us the history of the ruins, the children took down notes. Chhavi explained the details and particulars of each place we visited and the young minds were amazed and enthralled by the beauty of the ruins and the stories behind them! The excitement amongst the children was so high, that even after the 2 hour long walk, they were more eager to continue the walk and go to the nearby Qutub Minar instead of going home!

Needless to say, that we at The Kutumb Foundation thoroughly enjoyed the History Walk at Mehrauli. We are looking forward to more such walks with children and young people from the Kutumb Foundation, our amazing resource person - Chhavi and anyone who is interested to join us!

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